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Wherever in the world you are, whatever be the range of products you require, we can source them as per your specifications and deliver them to you. Which simply means that you no longer need to spend precious time and money reaching out to different manufacturers for your needs. All you have to do Is talk to us at the Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Ltd. (KSIE), the full service export house of the Government of Kerala. Set up in 1973, KSIE offers you a wide range of services and products. We Can Source And Export A Wide Range Of Products For You Agricultural products. .Processed food. Pharmaceuticals. Engineering products. Custom made software. Kaolin. Garments. Rubber products. Toiletries. Detergents... We at KSIE can cater to a wide cross section of industry requirements, including custom made orders. Being a 100% Government owned body, we have a longer arm to Source material. Our subsidiary companies also manufacture a wide range of products giving you tremendous flexibility in terms of tailor made orders.

We ensure stringent quality control. Our own personnel ensure that all required parameters are met before clearances are given. We live up to deadlines Being a Government body, we have a remarkable edge over others in terms of ensuring that your consignment reaches you without any unnecessary delay. We respect budgets Since most of the budget products are sourced from public sector undertakings, we can offer maximum value for money by maintaining a stable price without compromising in any way on quality. We are 100% Government owned This gives you the added advantage of having a link in the Government that can help you in many ways, to advise and guide you through formalities and other business ventures. We have a host of prestigious clients worldwide A few of them include Wako Bussan Company Limited, Japan; Ornya Paris, France; Riyadh University Staff Housing Project and Towell Construction Company; Indian Railways; India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC); Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC); Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) and so on. We are open to joint venture possibilities too We have a few select Joint Venture Partners. If you are looking at a long term, mutually agreeable profit partnership. we are open for discussion. Especially in areas like software, drugs and pharmaceuticals. KSIE's Subsidiary Companies: Easy Access To Select Products KSIE has three subsidiary manufacturing companies that will be of immense help to you in terms of sourcing material. However, KSIE does not restrict itself to its subsidiaries - any product can be sourced for you from the open market.

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